The strongest reason to recognize multiethnicity…

Perhaps the strongest reason to recognize multiethnicity is that self-definition ought to be encouraged. The individual and collective right of ethnic self-identification has been recognized and exercised by other racial and ethnic advocates as they redefined themselves with new terms like Chicano, Xicano, Latino, Asian American, Black, African American, or Native American. Multiethnic people are similarly looking for a way to turn experiences of alienation, racism, and marginalization into positive experiences of shared cultural identity. Giving an official label to those who identify as multiethnic creates a forum in which to discuss the discrimination and marginalization of those experiences. Recognition is the first step toward securing rights.

Kamaria A. Kruckenberg, “Multi-Hued America: The Case for the Civil Rights Movement’s Embrace of Multiethnic Identity,” The Modern American, Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2008): 8 pages.

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