Critical Ethnic Studies: An Anthology (Call for Papers)

Critical Ethnic Studies: An Anthology (Call for Papers)

Rather than attempting to pose and answer the question, “What is critical ethnic studies?,” this anthology seeks to catalyze a more wide-ranging set of critical problems for emergent scholarly work and new forms of knowledge. Building on longstanding critiques of race, imperialism, and capital in ethnic studies and related fields, some broadly framed key conceptual questions for this anthology include: Is it necessary to rethink and reframe some of the central—even taken-for-granted—analytical and theoretical rubrics of ethnic studies, such as “race,” “gender,” “sexuality,” “citizenship,” and “class?” How do long histories of multiple, incommensurable racial genocides (e.g., land conquest, racial slave trade, militarized extermination) constitute the historical present? How do we apprehend and theorize the persistent systems and structures of gendered racial violence, on the one hand, while attending to the resilience of political agency and transformation, on the other? How can we rethink the question of (racist/state) violence in rigorous and creative ways, neither reifying nor pathologizing it, but asking instead how a violence of condition produces a condition of violence? What do notions of the “subaltern,” “collective,” “popular,” and “multitude” mean in a white supremacist and settler colonial formation such as the U.S.? What is the relationship between critical ethnic studies and related emergent fields, such as critical prison studies, queer ethnic studies, and settler colonial studies? How can we create the conditions and framework for the ongoing appreciation of marginalized yet dynamic modes of critique, contestation, and inquiry within (and across) various fields, such as: critiques of sovereignty and recognition within Native and Indigenous studies; anti-Blackness as an analytical rubric within Black studies; debates about the politics and theorization of Asian settler colonialism within Asian American studies; and critiques of First World privilege and mobility within (U.S.) queer of color studies?

We invite essay submissions on a wide range of topics that may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Race, colonialism, and capitalism
  • Warfare and militarism
  • Theories of violence
  • Settler colonialism and white supremacy
  • Critical genocide studies
  • Cultural studies, the politics of aesthetic and cultural practice
  • Critical feminist epistemologies
  • Queer ethnic studies
  • Decolonization and empire
  • Social movements, activism, insurrection, and revolution
  • Immigration and labor
  • Multiculturalism and colorblindness
  • Critical race studies
  • Critical legal studies
  • Liberationist epistemologies
  • Critical ethnic studies, undisciplinarity, and relationship to other fields
  • Professionalization, praxis, and the academic industrial complex
  • Relationship between racism and environmental justice movements
  • Sovereignty, the nation, and the nation-state
  • Ethnic studies in relation to past and current eras of the privatization, corporatization, and defunding of the university
  • Tension between institutionalization and movement-building in ethnic studies
  • New frameworks for the comparative analysis of differential racial histories, e.g., immigrant and indigenous histories
  • The erotic and sexual outlaw
  • Academics of color and the erasure of class privilege

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2012
Word Limit: 4,000 – 6,000 words including notes
Format: Word document with citations in Chicago Style
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