The Sociological Significance of President Barack Obama

The Sociological Significance of President Barack Obama

The American Sociological Association
San Francisco, California
2009-08-08 through 2009-08-09

The historic campaign and election of Barack Obama constitutes a compelling and timely context for examining the program theme. In response, the 2009 ASA Program Committee and ASA President Patricia Hill Collins have organized a mini-symposium, a meeting within the general meeting, which explores how the historic election of Barack Obama might signal a new politics of community in action. The mini-symposium consists of a cluster of sessions that are scheduled throughout the meetings that will examine how the 2008 presidential election engages the conference theme The New Politics of Community.

  1. Plenary Session. Why Obama Won (and What that Says About Democracy and Change in America)
  2. Presidential Panel. A Defining Moment? Youth, Power and the Obama Phenomenon
  3. Presidential Panel. Through the Lens of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Class: The Obama Family and the American Dream
  4. Thematic Session. Understanding Democratic Renewal: The Movement to Elect Barack Obama
  5. Thematic Session. The Future of Community Organizing During an Obama Presidency
  6. Thematic Session. Asian-American Movements, Identities, and Politics: A New Racial Project in the Obama Years?
  7. Professional Workshop. The Next Generation of MFP Scholarship in Service to Social Justice
  8. Open Forum. Does the Obama Administration Need a Social Science Scholars Council?: A Public Forum

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