Jesus for Revolutionaries: An Introduction to Race, Social Justice, and Christianity

Jesus for Revolutionaries: An Introduction to Race, Social Justice, and Christianity

Robert Chao Romero
262 pages
5.83 wide x 8.26 tall
Paperback ISBN: 9781304513984
eBook ISBN: 9781304531063

Robert Chao Romero, Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies and Asian American Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

Are you a “revolutionary”? Are you curious about exploring issues of race and social justice from a Christian perspective? This book by UCLA Professor and Pastor, Robert Chao Romero, is for you!

Topics covered include: a biblical framework for understanding poverty, race, and gender; undocumented immigration; politics; affirmative action; mixed race issues; Christian social justice pioneers; and, an introduction to the Christian world of social justice and community development.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction: Student Stories from the Revolution
  • 1. God’s “Equal Protection Clause”: The Biblical Basis for Social justice
  • 2. Jesus Was An Immigrant
  • 3. “A Day Without A Mexican”: The Essential Economic Contributions of Undocumented Immigrants
  • 4. “Secure Communities” Destroys Immigrant Families
  • 5. God Loves “Dreamers”: Undocumented Youth and Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • 6. Jesus Invented Affirmative Action
  • 7. The Case for Affirmative Action Today
  • 8. Jesus and the Tea Party: Politics and Christianity
  • 9. Chino-Chicano“: A Biblical Framework for Diversity
  • 10. Colorblindness, Structural Inequality, and Trayvon Martin
  • 11. Gender
  • 12. Class
  • 13. Summing Up the Image of God: Neither Jew nor Gentile, Male nor Female, Slave nor Free
  • 14. Manifest Destiny? The Historical Misrepresentation of Christianity
  • 15. God Never Leaves Himself Without A Witness: MLK, Cesar Chavez, and other Social Justice Pioneers
  • 16. Modern-Day Revolutionaries
  • 17. Join the Revolution!
  • Appendix I: A Faith and Justice Manifesto
  • Appendix II: More Resources for the Budding Revolutionary—Books, Films, and Immigration
  • Appendix III: PraXis Groups and The 4-Part Study
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