Being Mixed Race in Racially Divided America

Being Mixed Race in Racially Divided America

Japan Sociology

Lourdes Fritts

This blog explores life in Japan from a sociological perspective. It is produced by Robert Moorehead and his students at Ritsumeikan University‚Äės College of International Relations, in Kyoto, Japan.

Much like the way some people do not care about their local sports team, I do not give much thought to my racial identity. This is mostly due to the fact that if I gave my race anymore thought than the occasional ponder, I would be in a constant state of identity crisis. My mother is Japanese-Korean raised in Japan, and my Father is Irish-German-Mexican raised in America. Thus I have christened myself as an ‚ÄúEuro-Mexi-Asian-American‚ÄĚ. Fortunately I have been privileged enough in life where I was never made particularly conscious of my race; I have never let my race define me and very few people I‚Äôve met have defined me by it. However, due to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, I have become unusually conscious of my ethnic background…

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