Mixed Kids Aren’t Going to Save the World

Mixed Kids Aren’t Going to Save the World

Leah and Black History Month

Leah Anneli

I have a Black father and a white mother. I’m mixed. I’m not a unicorn.

I think there are some misconceptions about who mixed race people are and what function we serve in society. Let’s unpack those.

We’re not the default mediators between cultures.

I feel like this misconception is tied to the fact that our society thinks of mixed race people as “half white, half something else.” Mixed race people who don’t have a “white parent” are largely erased when mixed race people are discussed or represented in media. Being mixed race isn’t limited to being “white and…,” but our society perceives mixed identity that way. My experience is shaped by the fact that I am “white and….,” but I need to stress that my experience, though over-represented, isn’t the experience…

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