Of association, assimilation and mixed-race marriages

Of association, assimilation and mixed-race marriages

Oman Daily Observer

Ali Ahmed Al Riyami

It is said that ‘love knows no bounds’ and, as such, when two people meet and fall in love there is little that can stop there union and all that it entails; especially the expected outcome, which is in fact the main reason that a man and a woman conjoin in the first place — whether consciously or unconsciously — of producing offspring and securing their gene pools. In a world that has seen the mass movement and migrations of people, across boarders and continents, it is not surprising, then, that the incidence of mixed marriages between people of different national and cultural origins, faiths and creeds takes place.

In Britain, it is reported that one in ten marriages is by a mixed race couple; something almost unimaginable and very rare just a few decades ago and yet, as the figures show, is becoming quite commonplace…

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