Another Health Funder That’s Focused on Race in a Big Way

Another Health Funder That’s Focused on Race in a Big Way

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Rob McCarthy

The racial dimension of health equity has long preoccupied top funders in the healthcare space and it’s not hard to see why. Spend five minutes looking at health data for the United States and you’ll be blown away by the scope of racial disparities in all aspects of health, including how long people live, the chronic conditions they face and whether they have health insurance.

In turn, it’s not hard to trace these inequities back to larger social and economic disparities by race, not to mention gross inequities in who has power in American society. As we report often, national health funders like RWJF and Kresge operate very much with this larger context in mind, and aren’t afraid of getting into some edgy advocacy work.

Lately, more state-level health care funders have been getting with the same program—and, in some cases, taking things even further. Just the other day, we wrote about how the Missouri Foundation for Health is making a $6 million push to address racial equity issues raised in the wake of the police shooting in Ferguson. We’ve also written about the huge investments by California funders to improve the health, and broader well-being, of that state’s Latino population.

Then there’s the Connecticut Health Foundation, which made a shift in 2013 to focus its grantmaking laser-like on the non-white residents of this New England state…

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