An Evening with Kip Fulbeck-artist, slam poet, filmmaker Event Type: Lecture

An Evening with Kip Fulbeck-artist, slam poet, filmmaker Event Type: Lecture

Sacramento State University
University Union Ballroom
2010-02-18, 19:00-21:00 PST (Local Time)
Contact:  (916) 278-6997 

An Evening With Kip Fulbeck, artist, slam poet, and filmmaker- addressing issues on identity, multiraciality, and pop culture through spoken word, stand-up comedy, political activism, and personal stories, University Union Ballroom, 7 pm, FREE!!!
Sacramento State’s ASI, Multi-Cultural Center, and the University Union UNIQUE Programs are honored to bring an exciting and unique performance, “Race, Sex, and Tattoos: the Kip Fulbeck Experience” by Kip Fulbeck at the University Union Ballroom on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 7:00pm.  A book signing will follow the performance.

Kip Fulbeck is an artist, writer, slam poet, professor and award-winning director/filmmaker of Chinese, English and Welsh decent. Using his own experiences of being from a mixed heritage, Kip speaks nationwide, tackling topics such as media imagery, interracial dating patterns and icons of race and sex. His performance, which includes a mixture of spoken word, stand-up comedy, political activism and personal stories inspire audiences to explore how our own ethnic stereotypes and opinions on cultural identity are formed.

Fulbeck’s photographic book, Part Asian, 100% Hapa, features portraits of mixed heritage participants along with their hand written responses of how they self-identify ethnically, responding to the frequently asked question of, “What are you?” “Hapa,” derived from the Hawaiian word for “half,” used to be considered a derogatory word. Today, however, it has been embraced as a term of pride by mixed-race individuals and groups who identify with Asian or Pacific Rim ancestry.  Over 1,200 people nationally have participated in The Hapa Project by Kip Fulbeck.

A Professor and Chair of Art and an affiliate faculty of Asian American Studies and Film Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Kip Fulbeck has performed and exhibited in over 20 countries and throughout the U.S., including the Museum of Modern Art, the Singapore International Film Festival, the World Wide Video Festival, PBS, and the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial. He has twice keynoted the National Conference On Race in Higher Education, directed 13 independent videos including Banana Split and Lilo & Me, and authored the critically acclaimed books Permanence: Tattoo Portraits; Part Asian, 100% Hapa which features portraits of people of mixed heritage; Paper Bullets: A Fictional Autobiography; and Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids. He has also been featured on CNN, MTV and PBS.

All ages permitted. No alcohol provided or sold at venue.