A ‘people’s princess’ unbound by race

A ‘people’s princess’ unbound by race

The Boston Globe

Renée Graham, Associate Editor and Columnist

Meghan Markle greets wellwishers in Nottingham, England, with Prince Harry, on Dec. 1.

All it took for Meghan Markle to “become” black was a proposal from a prince.

Black American Princess. Palace about to be lit,” a black woman tweeted hours after an official announcement of Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry. Another posted, “So I’ve seen a black president of the United States, and now I’ll see a black woman joining the British royal family. What a time to be alive.”

There’s just one caveat: Throughout her public life, Markle, the daughter of an African-American mother and a white father, has referred to herself as biracial or mixed-race…

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