America’s Mixed-Race Kids Examine Their Identity

America’s Mixed-Race Kids Examine Their Identity

Voice of America News

Faiza Elmasry
Washington, DC

Photographs celebrate richness and beauty of multiracial society

At least seven million Americans identify themselves as belonging to more than one race, and interest is rapidly growing in issues of multi-racial identity.

In his new book, “Mixed: [Portraits of Multiracial Kids],” writer and artist Kip Fulbeck presents a collection of portraits celebrating the faces of mixed-race children.

Kip Fulbeck grew up in a multi-racial family.

His father was English, Irish and Welsh. He had a Chinese mother and Chinese step-siblings. At home, he says, he was considered the white kid, but at school he was the Asian kid. Exploring the multi-racial identity has inspired Fulbeck’s works, including his recent photography book…

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