Clean comic standing

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Clean comic standing

The Asian Age


Having performed for some well-known names including US President Barack Obama, Indian-Japanese comedian Dan Nainan comes to India with some clean comedy

He has performed for the US President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Steve Wozniak and many others. He has made them all roll with laughter. And now, the Indian-Japanese comedian Dan Nainan will be performing for the Delhiites on December 13 at Trident, Gurgaon.

Being half Indian, half Japanese and doing comedy in USA, that’s ought to be quite a journey. “Indeeed, it has been,” says Dan. “When I took my first comedy class, I asked my teacher if it would be a disadvantage to be Indian and Japanese. She said that it would turn out to be my greatest advantage. And she turned out to be 100 per cent right.”…

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