Are you a mixed-race/Biracial/Multiracial man looking to participate in research?

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Are you a mixed-race/Biracial/Multiracial man looking to participate in research?

Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

Athena Erickson, Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology
Men’s Well-Being Research Group

We are conducting a study to understand the ways in which biracial and multiracial (mixed-race) men think about and experience being a man compared to men of a single race. Participation includes responding to a short demographics questionnaire and answering interview questions relevant to your experiences as a man who has membership in your particular racial group(s). Interviews will either be held over Zoom or at Clark University, in a private office in the Department of Psychology (Jonas Clark Hall). All interviews will be audio-recorded and subsequently stored in secure electronic files. Audio recordings will not contain identifying information. You are free to not answer any questions that you do not want to, and all results of the study will be kept confidential. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and you may stop taking part at any point. The whole study is expected to take 1-2 hours.

WHO: We are recruiting men who identify as:

  1. Mixed-race/biracial/multiracial (men whose biological parents belong to different socially defined racial groups)
  2. 18+ years old

COMPENSATION: As a way of thanking participants for their time, participants will be compensated with a $15 (USD) Amazon gift card at the end of the study.

CONTACT: If interested, please email: Athena Erickson at:

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