“Who Am I? Mental Health & Dual Heritage” Conference Report

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“Who Am I? Mental Health & Dual Heritage” Conference Report

Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6FZ
This event was held on 2009-06-10, from 08:00Z to 13:00Z


08:00Z Registration
08:30Z Mixed Heritage Identities; the issues and challenges
Bradley Lincoln
Multiple Heritage Project Manchester
09:00Z Women; mixed heritage and mental health
Lindsey Cook
Women’s Services Manager, Imagine Ltd
09:30Z Coffee / Tea
10:00Z Voices from Experience; young people and identity
Laura Jenkin
Youth Worker – Newcastle
10:30Z Across the Boundaries; challenges of faith and culture
Atif Kamal
Community Development Worker, SEVA Team, Manchester
11:00Z Group Discussions
12:00Z Lunch
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Mixed Heritage Children and Young People: Issues and Ways Forward

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Mixed Heritage Children and Young People: Issues and Ways Forward was a conference held in London, England on 2009-04-29 and hosted by the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service Cambridge Education @ Islington.

Featured speakers:

Leon Tikly, Professor
University of  Bristol

Bradley Lincoln
Multiple Heritage Project, Manchester

Featured Presentations:

Making Mixed Race Children Visible in the Education System

Jane Daffé, Senior EMA Consultant
Nottingham City, LA

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing: A study of ‘Mixed Experiences’
…‘In junior school I remember feeling very popular. I had a large group of friends and we had all been brought up in the same area although our parents may have been from elsewhere. I went to the same high school as a lot of the girls in this group but they all spilt up and joined different groups that already existed within the school e.g. the Jewish girls joined a group of Jewish girls, the black girls joined a group of black girls etc. I wasn’t a ‘member’ of any of these groups and I didn’t want to be’
Dinah Morley

‘I had an attitude like I don’t know what to do I’ll just get on with things…I kind of changed my attitude like I was just saying well I can only be me …and it made things easier in a way’…

Improving the Educational Environment for Mixed Race Children
Professor Leon Tikly
University of Brsitol

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Mix-d: uk: A Look at Mixed-Race Identities

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Mix-d: uk: A Look at Mixed-Race Identities

Pelican Press, Manchester, United Kingdom
September 2008
32 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9559505-0-6

Bradley Lincoln, Editor & Designer

Richard Milnes, Photographer

Mix-d: uk is a publication looking at mixed race identities from the Multiple Heritage Project [now mix-d] and the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust. It celebrates the UK’s diverse Multiple Heritage population through portraits of people of mixed background. This beautiful book is a positive representation of this growing population with personal quotes reflecting the multiple heritage experience.

You may order the book here.

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mix-d: (pronounced “mixed”) Describes a position of pride and place where one can bring all sides of their cultural identity together and express an identity which is similar to but not specifically like either. By dropping the term race we make a step forward and begin to talk about a fully lived experience rather than constantly referring to an outdated social construct which keeps us trapped in the past.

Bradley Lincoln, The Multiple Heritage Project

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