A Sad Case Of Miscegenation

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A Sad Case Of Miscegenation

Valley Spirit (source: Pittsburgh Post)
Franklin County, Virginia
page 1, column 8

Source: Valley of the Shadow: Civil War Era Newspapers, University of Virginia Library

The piece relates the story of a woman, who, after consenting to marry a returning white Union officer, had an affair with a black man and bore a child by him. According to the Spirit, the woman’s “sad” predicament is undoubtedly the result of the “negro equality teachings” of the Radicals.

Before alderman Nicholson, there came a short time since a young and handsome woman named Eliza Montgomery bearing in her arms an infant five weeks old, which the most casual observer would not be a great while in discovering was, to a certain extent of negro parentage. The woman acknowledged herself to be the mother of the child, and desired to make an information against the father, a “black and tan,” for fornication and bastardy. Notwithstanding the character of the intimacy which must have existed between them, the woman was unable to tell the name of the blackamoor. She know his first name was Archie, and that was all. A warrant was accordingly issued for, the apprehension of Archie. The above, bad as it is, is not the worst feature of the case, “by a jug full.”

Mary Montgomery, a young, beautiful and intelligent girl, resided in one of our suburban villages, where a little more than a year ago, she was met, wooed and won by an army officer of this city, who had but recently been discharged from the service and whose name we suppress for prudential motives. They were engaged to be married, and the 2d of June last was fixed for the consummation of the event. During last spring she met the negro Archie, and forgetting her vows of constancy to her affianced husband, she maintained an improper intercourse with the negro-to her lasting infamy be it said—almost to the day of her marriage. The 2d of June came and with it the wedding, which was duly celebrated, and the pair lived happily together for a time. The young wife soon discovered, however, that serious consequences were about to result from her infamous conduct, and she made a “clean breast” of her crime to her husband. The denouement was of course followed by an immediate separation, and an application for divorce is now pending in court. On Wednesday last, the wretched woman made application to the guardians of the poor, and herself and mulatto child were sent to the Poor Farm where she will probably end her days in misery and disgrace—Pittsburgh Post.

The frequency of such cases as the forgoing of late make it evident that the negro equality teachings of Phillips, Forney, Cameron, and other Radical leaders, are having their affect upon the impressible minds of the young – the female sex especially. In the wreck of the young woman mentioned those leaders may see their work, as the public see it. Over such wrecks they are striding to place and power. Every step of their progress is marked with the footprints of shame, and every stage with a landmark of suffering. Alas, for the poor victims of Radical cupidity and ambition.

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