Family inspires book on life

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Family inspires book on life
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Bryce Luff, Fremantle Gazette

The idea of family has changed: Matthew Green and Naomi Kissiedu-Green with their children Savannah, Kobi and Ebony Green. Picture: Matt Jelonek

An Atwell mother disheartened by a lack of books depicting multicultural families has decided to fill the gap in the market herself.

Naomi Kissiedu-Green, a woman of Ghanaian heritage, has three children under four years of age with her Australian husband Matthew Green.

The qualified childcare worker said she searched high and low for books depicting families with diverse backgrounds to read to her kids.

Locally she could find little so she imported literature from overseas.

That is when The Colourful Life! series, Kissiedu-Green’s first publishing venture, was born…

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Mixed: The many faces of the multiracial experience.

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Mixed: The many faces of the multiracial experience.

The Stream
Al Jazeera English

Femi Oke, Host

“What are you?” is an often used opening question that doesn’t always have a short and simple answer. For people with more than one racial background, identity is a lot more than one word; it’s a sentence, a paragraph or a lived experience. As we become a more and more mixed race population world over, racial identity is also becoming more fluid. On the next Stream we’ll speak to biracial and multiracial people about their mixed race journey.

Joining this conversation:

David Shams, Blogger and Freelance Journalist

Julie Matthews, Associate Professor
University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Naomi Kissiedu-Green and Matthew Green, Authors of Surprise Baby: The Colourful Life!

Maya McManus, Social Media Consultant

Watch the episode (00:44:04) here.

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