This Afro-Latina Started a Magazine in Puerto Rico to Celebrate Black Beauty

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This Afro-Latina Started a Magazine in Puerto Rico to Celebrate Black Beauty

The Oprah Magazine

Natasha S. Alford

Mikey Cordero

Revista 茅tnica shines a spotlight on Afro-Latino culture on the island.

When Sacha Antonetty-Lebr贸n was a young child growing up in Puerto Rico, she attended modeling school, her dreams of appearing in advertisements sprouting like the palm trees in the sandy streets of her native island.

But even with her bright eyes and perfect smile, Antonetty-Lebr贸n was often warned there may be one factor that worked against her.

鈥淭he owner invited me to the modeling school but made sure to tell me, ‘They didn’t ask for Black girls, but I’m going to send you. Do the best you can do,’ Antonetty-Lebr贸n remembers.

And when she did get calls for castings, she rarely saw any other Black faces. Antonetty-Lebr贸n, whose skin was a deep rich brown, learned at an early age that Afro-Latinos鈥攐r afro descendientes鈥攚ere noticeably absent in nearly every form of Spanish media in Puerto Rico.

From TV anchors to beauty queens, the “ideal” Puerto Rican was always fair-skinned with European features鈥攄espite the fact that Puerto Rico鈥檚 rich history includes African, Taino native, and Spaniard ancestry.

Still, when Afro-Latino images did appear in media or television, they were often in offensive or derogatory roles鈥攁nd just like in the United States, actors would even dress in blackface for comedy…

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