Profiles: Samuel Hickson – The Change Agent

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Profiles: Samuel Hickson – The Change Agent

State University of New York, Brockport

BS in Sociology, ’10

“My understanding of what is important in life began with my family, who taught me about cultural diversity and having respect for people who are different from me.”

Samuel Hickson, a former McNair student, studied the processes of racial identification in multiracial students in modern America and the benefits and consequences of that racial choice. Through his study, “Silent but Real: The Struggle for Racial Identification for Multiracial Students in Modern America,” Samuel sought to understand how student’s racial classification changes as their education increases. In addition, Samuel worked on a senior project , which tells the story of social conditions of the world through photos. “One Voice, One Sound; Ghostly Voices, Stories Untold,” considers social conditions in five countries: Ghana, Uganda, Jamaica, Mexico, and the US. His project revealed that education comes in many forms—academic, physical, art, music, and others—and that by incorporating the physical aspects of education with the arts, the possibility for affecting positive change multiplies many times over. And that’s what Samuel’s life is all about—effecting positive change in the lives of people around him…

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