The Louisiana Convention.

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The Louisiana Convention.

The Spirit of Democracy
Woodsfield, Ohio
page 2, column 3

The Convention for the reconstruction of Louisiana, now in session at New Orleans, is one of the smallest affairs in the way of brains ever before assembled in the United States. It is composed of cooks, boot-blacks, field-hands, bureau officers, and men unknown five miles from their place of residence. It is with weapons of this sort that the Radical Revolutionists are ruling the South, and trampling the rights of White men under their feet. Here is a list of the  members, taken from the N. Y. World:

  • W. Jasper Blackburn, white, is a Northern man who edits the Homer Iliad, a little Radical paper of intense bitterness published in Claiborne parish.
  • O. C. Bladin is a New Orleans mulatto.
  • Hyacinthe Bonseigneur is the same and chairman of a standing committee that on “conteengeent expanses.”
  • Emile Bonnefoi is a mulatto.
  • Wm. Brown is an unknown white
  • Dennis Burrel is a negro.
  • Wm. Butler is a negro.
  • Wm. H. Cooley is a white man; a District Judge in Point Coupee and chairman of the standing committee on the new constitution. He is not so Radicals he was and swears freely.
  • W. R.  Crane is a truly loyal man whose name appears subscribed to this oath: “I do solemnly swear that I am qualified according to the Constitution, and the laws of the State to vote. I will be faithful and true allegiance bear to the State of Louisiana and the Confederate States of America, and that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the State and of the said Confederate States. So help me God. March 20, 1862.”Some years prior to this the reconstructing Crane offered a resolution in the Louisiana Legislature to unseat J. P. Benjamin then United States Senator; because the said Judah was in favor of Mr. Clay’s compromise measure, instead of being as Soule, Quitman and the reconstructing Crane then were for instantaneous secession. After Butler the beast came to this city, Mr. Crane became curator of the estates of persons sent beyond the line, and of registered enemies. In personal appearance he is adust as to the face, orange-tawny as to the beard, and stringy as to the neck, around which, without any intervention of a collar is twisted a wispy black cravat.
  • Thos. S. Crawford is a melancholy unknown young white man in blue steel specs.
  • R. J. Cromwell is a negro doctor.
  • Samuel E. Curey is a very black negro.
  • Geo. W. Dearing, Jr, is a mulatto.
  • A. J. Demarestis white, unknown.
  • Chas. Depasseau, is a mulatto.
  • P. G. Deslonde, mulatto.
  • Jos. DeBlonde, mulatto.
  • Auguste Donator Jr., mulatto.
  • Davis Douglas, mulatto.
  • J. G. Drimkard, white, unknown.
  • Gustavus Duparte, mulatto.
  • Ulger Dupart, mulatto.
  • C. H. B. Duplessis, white, unknown.
  • J. B. Esnard, mulatto.
  • G. W. Furgeson, white, unknown.
  • John Gair, mulatto.
  • R. G. Gardiner, a very black negro, temporary president of the Convention.
  • Abraham N. Gould, negro.
  • Leopold Guichard, mulatto.
  • Peter Harper, Jno. S. Harris, Thos. P. Harrison, O. H. Hempstead, and W. .H. Hiestaud, all white and entirely unknown.
  • J. H. Ingraham, mulatto, a cook in the Washington artillery during the war, and now Chairman of the Committee on Bill of Rights.
  • R. H. Isabelle, mulatto.
  • Thos. Isabelle, mulatto.
  • Simon Jones, white.
  • Geo. Y. Kelso, mulatto.
  • Jas. H. Landers, white, wears a brimstone colored vest an is Solon Shinge to a hair. Otherwise unknown.
  • Victor Lange, mulatto.
  • Chas Leroy, mulatto.
  • J. B. Lewis, Viite.
  • Richard Lewis, black.
  • Jno. J. Ludwig, white, a German—Has good sense, but speaks English fewly.
  • Jno. Lynch, white. “Give ye me wor’rd of honor he has” said he the other day, sotto voce, in debate. And of such is delegate Lynch.
  • Frederic Mane, white.
  • Thomas M. Martin, mulatto.
  • J. A. Massicot, white.
  • Win. R. Meadows, white.
  • Ben. McLeran, white.
  • W. L. McMillan, white of Ohio, ex-U. S. A.
  • Milton Morris, a very black negro.
  • S. R. Moses, still blacker.
  • Wm. Munell, mulatto.
  • Jas. Mushaway, white.
  • Theophile Myers, mulatto.
  • J. P. Newsham, white, ex-U. S.
  • Jos. C. Oliver, mulatto.
  • S. B. Packard, white.
  • Jno. Pierce, mulatto.
  • P. B. S. Pinchback, mulatto. Great friend of. Banks, N. P.
  • Curtis Pollard, negro, black as jet.
  • Geo. W. Reagan, white, ex-U. S. A.
  • D. Reese, white.
  • Fortune Riard, mulatto.
  • D. D. Riggs, white.
  • J. A. N. Roberts, mulatto.
  • L. Rodriquez, mulatto.
  • N. Schawb, white, German.
  • Charles Smith, white, Internal Revenue assessor.
  • Sosthene Snacr, mulatto.
  • Jno. Scott, negro.
  • G. Snider, white.
  • H. G. Steele, white.
  • Chas. Thibaut, white.
  • E. Twichant, mulatto.
  • M. H. Twichell, white, ex-U. S. A.
  • Napoleon Underwood, white.
  • P. F. Valfroit, negro.
  • Jno. B. Vandergriff, white.
  • Michel Vidal, white.
  • Rufus Naples, white.
  • G. M. Wickliffe, white, is a truly loyal man. In 1860, he edited a paper at Clinton, in this State called The Spirit of the South, full of death to abolitionists, hang the abolitionist devils, whet the knife, prepare the fuel, etc., etc., in the very worst style of the fire-eating school. As before observed he is a truly loyal man. He looks, big black mustache “hilang!” air and all as though he had just dropped down out of the Bowery and with two negroes Williams and Wilson, closes the roll of this Convention.

Were the people of the South true to their own interests they would rise in the name of the Constitution of the United States, and wipe the vampire band of howling, blood-thirsty Niggers and unknowns, who are now engaged in eating out their substance and outlawing them, from existence.

Here is a specimen of the blood-thirsty speeches daily thrown into the faces of disfranchised white men:

New Orleans, December 7.—In the Convention to-day, while discussing the preamble and resolutions denying the statements contained in the memorial to congress expressing a fear of a war of races, a negro named Cromwell declared: “We will rule; until the last one of us goes down forever.” That negroes were going to have their rights, if it was by revolution and blood, in spite of Andy Johnson or any other man, and declared that he was ready for revolution.

From the above the people can very readily see what, the negro doctrines of Sumner and Wilson have brought the country too.

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