Opportunities for Academic Research

Opportunities for Academic Research

Chowan Discovery Group

Marvin T. Jones, Executive Director

The Chowan Discovery Group is inviting academics to partner with us to study the Winton Triangle.

The Triangle is a 260 year-old mixed race community of landowners in central Hertford County. Around 1960, its population was in the hundreds, and the land dimensions are 8 by 10 miles from east to west, and 8 miles from north to south with over 20 roads and streets. The Chowan Discovery Group has collected photographs, documents, interviews, books and maps. However, demographic and economic studies are needed. The incomes and occupations of Winton Triangle people were diverse, and the land ownership is estimated at over 20 square miles.
Please contact Marvin T. Jones at info@discovery.org or 202.726.4066.

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