The Obama Issue

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The Obama Issue

Journal of Visual Culture
August 2009
Volume 8, No. 2
Online ISSN: 1741-2994
Print ISSN: 1470-4129

The August 2009 edition of Journal of Visual Culture is focused on president Barack Obama.

Table of Contents

Marquard Smith and JVC Editorial Group
Questionnaire on Barack Obama
pp. 123-124

W.J.T. Mitchell
Obama as Icon
pp. 125-129

Shawn Michelle Smith
Obama’s Whiteness
pp. 129-133

Dora Apel
Just Joking? Chimps, Obama and Racial Stereotype
pp. 134-142  

Raimi Gbadamosi
I Believe In Miracles
pp. 142-150 

Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan
Recognizing Obama: Image and Beyond?
pp. 150-154

Toby Miller
My Green Crush
pp. 154-158

Jacqueline Bobo
Impact of Grassroots Activism
pp. 158-160

Julian Myers, Dominic Willsdon, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, and Lauren Berlant
What Happened in Vegas
pp. 161-167

Lauren Berlant
Dear journal of visual culture
pp. 166-167

Marita Sturken
The New Aesthetics of Patriotism
pp. 168-172

Lisa Cartwright and Stephen Mandiberg
Obama and Shepard Fairey: The Copy and Political Iconography in the Age of the Demake
pp. 172-176  

John Armitage and Joy Garnett
Radicalizing Refamiliarization
pp. 176-183

Victor Margolin
Obama Sightings
pp. 183-189  

Joanna Zylinska
You Killed Barack Obama, 2008
pp. 190

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
The Modern Prince . . . ‘to come’?
pp. 191-193  

Anna Everett
The Afrogeek-in-Chief: Obama and our New Media Ecology
pp. 193-196  

Julian Stallabrass
Obama on Flickr
pp. 196-201  

Ellis Cashmore
Perpetual Evocations
pp. 202-206  

John Carlos Rowe
Visualizing Barack Obama
pp. 207-211 

Robert Harvey
Other Obamas
pp. 211-219

Curtis Marez
Obama’s BlackBerry, or This Is Not a Technology of Destruction
pp. 219-223

Cynthia A. Young
From ‘Keep on Pushing’ to ‘Only in America’: Racial Symbolism and the Obama Campaign
pp. 223-227

Nicholas Mirzoeff
An End to the American Civil War?
pp. 228-233

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