An Upstream Battle: John Parker’s Personal War on Slavery

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An Upstream Battle: John Parker’s Personal War on Slavery

Anne Stanton Publications
136 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-1796696295
5.5 x 0.34 x 8.5 inches

Anne Stanton

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John Parker wasn’t interested in helping anyone run away. He had worked too hard getting himself free to want to risk losing it for someone he didn’t know. But Sam didn’t give up, and soon John was enlisted to help two young women cross the Ohio River to freedom. What neither man knew at the time was that this marked the beginning of a personal war on slavery for John Parker, one in which he would help hundreds of runaways escape. An Upstream Battle is comprised of four stories from the life of John Parker, an African American businessman and inventor. Based on events portrayed in Parker’s autobiography, An Upstream Battle illustrates the real danger that Parker and other members of the Underground Railroad were exposed to, and their commitment to helping runaway slaves, despite that danger. This book makes a great gift for YA readers who couldn’t put down “Bud, not Buddy”.

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Now Casting Within the United States: Could a DNA test change your life?

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Now Casting Within the United States: Could a DNA test change your life?

Shed Media
Los Angeles, California

A major new TV series from the production company behind “Long Lost Family”, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Supernanny”.

Could a DNA test change your life?

Series now casting for participants with an interest in finding unknown family members and the willingness to take a journey of discovery via their DNA.

Would you like to unravel a family mystery buried in the past? Are you longing to identify your father? Discover unknown siblings? Could a DNA test help to dispel doubts or rumors about your family? Answer questions about your heritage? Or are you generally curious to widen your family circle?

Interested applicants can apply here.


Mixed Messages Episode Two – Erika.

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Mixed Messages Episode Two – Erika.

Mixed Messages

Sarah Doneghy, Host

Erika discusses being Mixed Race within her family, her jobs, and the places she’s lived. Erika shares her thoughts and personal experiences when it comes to code switching and light privilege.

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Bubba Wallace Welcomes Fans Into His Garage With New Netflix Docuseries

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Bubba Wallace Welcomes Fans Into His Garage With New Netflix Docuseries

The Root

Jay Connor

Photo: Chris Graythen (Getty Images)

Being the only Black driver in NASCAR’s top racing series comes with more than its fair share of trials and tribulations.

In the last year alone, we’ve seen Bubba Wallace succeed in his quest to get Confederate flags banned from the sport and face subsequent backlash, endure the infamous noose saga, and have his own mother detail the racism he continually faces. But while the lows were low, he also had his fair share of triumphs.

Wallace was named the 2020 Comcast Community Champion of the Year for his work “to lift up individuals seeking a means to fulfill their potential, no matter their race, gender, disabilities or socio-economical situation,” and joined Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s 23XI Racing, with Jordan serving as the first Black principal owner of a full-time Cup team in nearly 50 years.

Again, it’s been a hell of a year, and thankfully, it’s about to get a lot better…

Read the entire article here.

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