(1)ne Drop: 2012 Tour

(1)ne Drop: 2012 Tour

(1)ne Drop
National Campus Tour
Fall 2011

In an effort to provide audiences the opportunity to more deeply engage the issues raised by the project, the (1)ne Drop project is going on tour. The producers invite colleges and universities across the country to host a (1)ne Drop exhibit. Each exhibition will be accompanied by a multi-media lecture on skin color politics and Black racial identity by Dr. Yaba Blay, (1)ne Drop Author and Producer…

Topics include:

  • One-Drop: Fact? Fiction? or Fate?”
  • “Not Black Enough: The “Other” African American Experience”
  • “¿Black?: The Latin American and Caribbean Experience”
  • “Light Skin + Long Hair: Challenges to Sistahood”

For more information, click here.

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