Local Filmmaker to Give Voice to Biracial Issues

Local Filmmaker to Give Voice to Biracial Issues

News Release
Nashville, Tennessee

Jefferey Martin

James Southard, Director/Producer

Native Nashville, [Tennessee]  filmmaker, James Southard aims to tackle the subject of what it means to be biracial in his forth-coming documentary, “Half-Caste.” The documentary comes from a mixture of personal experience with being biracial, a desire to help other people tell their story, and a need to increase awareness on the subject.
Half-Caste will explore the poignant issues of people who come from multi-racial backgrounds throughout society. This documentary will tackle issues such as personal identity, social identity, basic desire to belong to one group, race identification, government classification, racism, stereotypes, family, dating, difficulties of interaction within races and many other issues specific to the loose multi-racial community.
Southard is currently filling new interviews and gathering footage even while in the midst of trying to raise money, using Kickerstarter.com. Southard is aiming to raise awareness on the subject and has set his sights on making an incredible film that will bring this subject into the Public’s focus.

Southard is available for interviews, and can be contacted at: 615-918-8688

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