Diversity and Multiracial Voices

Diversity and Multiracial Voices

Mount Holyoke Radix
South Hadley, Massachusetts

Sonia Mohammadzadah ’18, Contributing Writer

***Please note: my use of the term “cultural org” includes both cultural orgs associated with cultural houses and those that are not.

As someone who identifies as biracial, I’m never quite sure where I stand or what my role is in the discussion of race. I am half-White, and have thus benefited from certain privileges awarded to white people. However, I am also half-Afghan, and have consequently faced discrimination typically inflicted upon those of a Middle Eastern background, though I am an American-born citizen. When I try and contribute to conversations on race from both a White and non-White perspective, I often feel (and have been told) that I am “playing both sides” on a field that has been clearly divided into two distinct teams. While some may argue my position as a biracial person offers valuable insight in racial dialogue, I’ve noticed that a multiracial, multicultural point of view is not often sought. It is assumed that you are either White, or you are not White. Where is the space for individuals who are both?…

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