Pop Culture Happy Hour: A Conversation With Trevor Noah

Pop Culture Happy Hour: A Conversation With Trevor Noah

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Linda Holmes and Trevor Noah talk during NPR’s Weekend In Washington event on October 31. (Paul Morigi/AP Images for NPR)

It’s Thanksgiving week, and Team PCHH [Pop Culture Happy Hour] is enjoying some downtime, which makes it a perfect moment to bring you a special show. On Oct. 31 — a few hours before our live show with Fred Armisen — I sat down for a chat here in Washington with Trevor Noah, who was then about a month into his gig as the host of The Daily Show.

(I should also add that he had his appendix out four days later, so who knows? Maybe this was the very last interview for which his appendix was present.)

Noah has a really interesting story, not only because he’s been famous for longer than a lot of Americans realized when he took over for Jon Stewart, but also because in that time, he’s had a lot of chances to reflect for a guy who’s only 31…

Read the introduction here. Listen to the story here (00:55:42). Download the story here.

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