Race and Sex in Latin America

Race and Sex in Latin America

Pluto Press
320 pages
Size: 215mm x 135mm
Illustrations: 1 map, 3 figures
ISBN: 9780745329499

Peter Wade, Professor of Social Anthropology
University of Manchester

Race and Sex in Latin America

The intersection of race and sex in Latin America is a subject touched upon by many disciplines but this is the first book to deal solely with these issues.

Interracial sexual relations are often a key mythic basis for Latin American national identities, but the importance of this has been underexplored. Peter Wade provides a pioneering overview of the growing literature on race and sex in the region, covering historical aspects and contemporary debates. He includes both black and indigenous people in the frame, as well as mixed and white people, avoiding the implication that “race” means “black-white” relations.

Challenging but accessible, this book will appeal across the humanities and social sciences, particularly to students of anthropology, gender studies, history and Latin American studies.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction: defining race and sex
  • 2. Explaining the articulation of race and sex
  • 3. Race and sex in colonial Latin America
  • 4. Making nations through race and sex
  • 5. The political economy of race and sex in contemporary Latin America
  • 6. Race, sex and the politics of identity and citizenship
  • 7. Conclusion
  • References
  • Index
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