Graduate Student Profile: Chelsea Guillermo-Wann (Education)

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Graduate Student Profile: Chelsea Guillermo-Wann (Education)

UCLA Graduate Quarterly
University of California, Los Angeles
Fall 2010
pages 6-7

Growing up in Santa Barbara, Chelsea Guillermo-Wann started “developing concepts of white and brown” while she was still in grade school, concepts that gave her a different understanding of her white mother and brown father—his heritage both Mexican and Filipino. The town was “very stratified in terms of race and socioeconomic status,” she says, and she saw that her father was treated differently than her mother—mistreated, that is—although both had college degrees. This “led me to question issues of social stratification and racism,” she says…

..Now beginning her third year as a Ph.D. student, Chelsea is drawing up a dissertation proposal likely to focus on something she knows a lot about: being multiracial in the academic world. Although a growing number of students represent more than one race or ethnicity, very little research has been done about their experience, beyond issues of identity formation. There’s even some question about whether they can be considered a group, she says…

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