Multiracial Men in Toronto: Identities, Masculinities and Multiculturalism

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Multiracial Men in Toronto: Identities, Masculinities and Multiculturalism

Masters Thesis of Education
Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Danielle Lafond
University of Toronto

This thesis draws from ten qualitative semi-structured interviews with multiracial men in Toronto. It is an exploratory study that examines how participants experience race, masculinities and identities. Multiracial identities challenge popular notions of racial categories and expose processes of racialization and the shifting nature of social identities. I explore how gender impacts participants’ experiences of multiple, fluid or shifting racial identities, and the importance of context in determining how they identify themselves. Participants also discussed the impact of multiculturalism and their understandings of racism in Canada. There were differences in the experiences of Black multiracial men and non-Black multiracial men in terms of how gender and race impact their lives. These differences imply that the colour line in Canada is shifting and that categories like ‘whiteness’ are being redefined. Analyses of these topics are taken up from an anti-racist and critical mixed race studies perspective.

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